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Acid'Animé Contest

International Animated Short Film Contest

Edition n°3 - 2024

The Monday 03 June 2024

Selection’s announce date 15 March 2024


No entry fees for this festival No entry fees for this festival

Acid'Animé Fest is an international short-film competition. Our mission is to bring international independent animated short films to the widest possible audience in Europe and beyond. We want to give this opportunity to young filmakers and animators. Prize are given by profesionnal jury and the ceremony awards take place in Paris.

- The film must be no longer than 20 minutes (including credits).- Filmmakers may submit several films, but only one will be considered by the jury. - The short film must have been produced after 1 January 2023. - The film must not have taken part in a previous edition of the ACID'ANIMÉ CONTEST. - 80% of the film must be made up of animated sequences.

Selection criterias

Valid condition

Animation, Fiction, Documentary, Experimental

Valid condition
Duration (Max)


Valid condition
Production's date (Min)


Specific criterias

Non-French-speaking films must be accompanied by French or English subtitles.

Festival palmares


  • Meilleur film - Au revoir Jérôme !
  • Meilleur réalisation - Cowboy Kévin
  • Meilleur scénario - The Soloist
  • Meilleur travail visuel - Hold Me Tight
  • Prix du public - Au revoir Jérôme !


  • Meilleur film - Ice Merchants
  • Meilleure réalisation - Sierra
  • Meilleur scénario - Mon Tigre
  • Meilleur travail visuel - La diplomatie de l'éclipse et L'Heure Bleue (ex-aequo)
  • Prix du public - Ice Merchants

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