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Clips de Paname

Music, Cinema and Video Clips Festival

Número de la edición2 - 2024

Del 27 Al 30 Junio 2024

Anuncio de la selección: 20 Mayo 2024

Saint-Ouen-Sur-Seine, FRANCIA

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Since its first edition in 2023, the Clips de Paname festival aims to build bridges between the worlds of music videos and cinema. This year, the festival spans three days, from June 28 to 30. Clips de Paname establishes a platform for showcasing original works spanning various genres and inspirations. The festival seeks to provide a space for interaction and dialogue among professionals in the music, music video, and cinema industries.

Similar to the realm of cinema, the world of music videos is rich in creativity, aesthetics, and captivating narratives. The festival's mission is to celebrate these arts by highlighting narrative music videos, short films, concerts, cine-concerts, and DJ sets. The festival, comprising screenings interspersed with debates, exchanges, and reflections, offers a unique platform where professionals can explore artistic similarities and forge new connections.

The Clips de Paname festival was established to forge a connection between the realms of music, music videos, and cinema. Our goal is to create a meaningful link between these two worlds by incorporating the unique aesthetics of music videos into the cinematic domain, while infusing cinematic elements into the realm of music videos. We encourage visual storytelling and artistic expression through videos that narrate captivating stories, thereby emphasizing a strong narrative aspect.

Criterios de selección

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Zonas geográficas


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Duración (Max)


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Animación, Clip, Vidéo d'art

Criterios específicos

Please kindly return to us the completed and signed: the regulations and the information sheet available in PDF at the top of the page under 'Festival Rules,' to the following address: festival@clapdepaname.com

If your video clips contain dialogues in a foreign language, please provide subtitles in English or French. Thank you

Clips de Paname is a festival aiming to forge connections between the worlds of music, music videos, and cinema. The short film selection is intended to be open and thus has no specific genre or type criteria. Animated films are also accepted.

Criterios de selección

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Fecha de producción (Mín.)


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Duración (Max)


Criterios específicos

If your film is in a foreign language, please ensure to include either English subtitles or, if possible, preferably French subtitles.


Palmarés del festival


  • Prix du meilleur scénario - Basile Monnot - Clip "What A Wonderful World"
  • Meilleur scénario - Julien Gauthier - Clip "Docteur"
  • Mention spéciale du jury - Valentin Meaux & Lucas Mokrani - Clip "In My Head"
  • Prix du jury - Thomas Leloup - Clip "Orokoro"
  • Grand Prix - Jean-Charles Charavin - Clip "La Cause"

CLAP DE PANAME 3 RUE MAURICE AUDIN 93400 Saint-Ouen-Sur-Seine, Francia